Association Kan Jizai

"To Study the Way is to study ourselves
To study ourselves is to forget ourselves
To forget ourselves is to be at one with all existences"
Master Dôgen

Who we are
Created in August 2003, the Kan Jizaï association aims at developing the teaching of Buddhism, especially Sôtô Zen Buddhism, by organizing zen retreats (‘sesshins’), and publishing teachings.

It includes men and women of all ages – most of them with a family and professional life- for whom progressing on the spiritual path of Zen is a priority and who have chosen the monk Gérard Chinrei Pilet as their guide.
Gérard Chinrei Pilet
Gérard Chinrei Pilet, the President of the association, met Master Deshimaru for the first time in 1969 at a lecture the latter was giving in the city of Cherbourg. When Gérard Chinrei Pilet completed his studies in philosophy, he settled in Paris to follow the teachings of the master, by whom he was ordained a monk in 1978.

Since the death of master Deshimaru in 1982, he has been teaching the Dharma at the dojo of Paris and during Zen retreats in France and throughout Europe. He has been a member of the board of directors of the European Buddhist Union for about fifteen years.

In 2003, he created the Kan Jizaï association which brings together his disciples and publishes his various teachings.

He received Dharma transmission from Master Yuko Okamoto Roshi in 2009. Gérard Pilet has lived in Ardèche since September 2010, and is in charge of the teaching at the Zen dojo of Annonay.