Association Kan Jizai

"To Study the Way is to study ourselves
To study ourselves is to forget ourselves
To forget ourselves is to be at one with all existences"
Master Dôgen

The daily practice of zazen silent, upright sitting is the first pillar of the Way.

Attending a retreat – sesshin from time to time is the second pillar. A sesshin usually lasts between two and seven days, depending on circumstances, during which time practitioners concentrate exclusively the practice of the Way.

Originating from China, the word sesshin literally means “touching the mind” not the personal, egotistic mind but the Buddha-mind. In other words, it means becoming intimate with our true nature as zazen practice is alternated with samu (communal activities such as cleaning and food preparation), as we forget ourselves and merge into community life and as we break away from the hectic lifestyle of modern society.

Example of a sesshin day schedule :

  6:30 am Morning wake-up bell
  7 am Zazen and ceremony
  9 am Guenmai followed by coffee
  11 am Zazen
  12:30 pm Lunch
  2:30-4:00 pm Samu
  4:30 pm Zazen
  6:45 pm Dinner
  8:30 pm Zazen
  10:30 pm Lights out